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Title: block you are stuck on Memorize this number on zcoin window
Post by: golfreeze on กันยายน 19, 2020, 10:33:41 AM
=== download new version from

=== Upgrade from zcoin- to zcoin-

Added “znodeblsprivkey” into file
===zcoin.conf in window locate on

====  block you are stuck on. Memorize this number

Open your wallet and see which block you are stuck on. Memorize this number
Go to Help > Debug Window. In there, go to Console .
Subtract about 1,000 blocks from the block number you memorized
Now type getblockhash block# where block# is the block number from step 1 minus 1,000. Example: You’re stuck on block 62393, subtract 1,000 and a little more, type getblockhash 61000
Copy the resulting block hash
We are now invalidating this hash by typing invalidateblock copiedhash where copiedhash is – you guessed it – the copied hash from step 5
Great. Now you confused your poor wallet. Give it a nudge and ask it to reconsider the block by typing reconsiderblock copiedhash
Now your wallet will start syncing from this block onwards and once it’s done, you should be all set!

===then open zcoin-qt.exe program again
And see stuck on block:296903
Minus 1000 -> 295903
And choose 295900

===access “Help” -> “Debug” ->  to “console" in window
getblockhash 295900

invalidateblock a20bf26a75c90920a79595fb7aa50acc9954dsssxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

reconsiderblock a20bf26a75c90920a79595fb7aa50acc9954dsssxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

==then zcoin console will re-sync again and pass that block