Author Topic: รายละเอียด ของตัว Ram dell 860 "1GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200E-444-12"  (Read 4033 times)


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1GB: RAM size, per stick
1Rx8: The number of memory modules per stick ("1" "R"ow of "8")
PC2: Semiconductor jargon meaning DDR2 (PC3 is DDR3), the type of RAM
4200: Speed grade, 533 MHz here, "U" refers to un-buffered memory
444: Timings, 4-4-4 (CL,tRCD,tRP)
12: CAS Latency (ns)

So the ram you have is: 1GB DDR2 @ 533 Mhz, 4-4-4-12

Your motherboard: a Dell WG261, LGA 775 Socket
NO Support for Core 2 Duos or Pentium D (i.e. no dual core options)

It has four 240-pin slots keyed for DDR2, at a maximum speed of 533 MHz, and a maximum size per DIMM (stick) of 1GB. Timings are negotiated by the mainboard.

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