Author Topic: HOTSPOT FLAGS on mikrotik  (Read 2281 times)


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HOTSPOT FLAGS on mikrotik
« on: ธันวาคม 24, 2015, 05:27:13 PM »
S – static, If you have the lease set as a static dhcp lease (assigns same ip every time device requests one) it shows as static. That is in “/ip dhcp-server lease” using “make-static”.
D – Dynamic,
A – If someone connects to the hotspot, they show up in the Hosts tab but are not yet authorized. Once they log in, they show up in the Active tab and are now authorized.
P – bypassed > Go to IP > Hotspot > IP Bindings > and add a new item. One of the “type” options is bypassed, which simply means they don’t have to login. From the wiki, “bypassed – performs the translation, but excludes client from login to the HotSpot”
Some more flags for ROUTE
X – Disabled, not active
A – Active, in use
C – Connected, a directly connected host route
S – Static, added manually
R – RIP route, received from the routing information protocol
B – BGP, received from the border gateway protocol
O – Received from the open shortest path first protocol
M – Received from the mesh made easy protocol
B – Blackhole route, packets are silently discarded
U – Unreachable, discards the packets and sends an ICMP unreachable messages
P – Prohibit, discards packet and sends an ICMP communication administratively prohibited