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« on: กุมภาพันธ์ 11, 2016, 07:17:40 PM »
Dumping custom data
Some people might want more data than what Gatling normally dumps in the simulation.log file.

Http protocol provide a hook for dumping extra data with extraInfoExtractor(f: ExtraInfoExtractor). ExtraInfoExtractor is a shortcut for the function type: (ExtraInfo) => List[Any]. Thus your extractor need to return a List[Any], Any is the equivalent of Object in Scala. ExtraInfo gives you access to :

requestName: The name of the request.
status: The status of the request, i.e. OK/KO.
session: The user’s Session.
request: The http request.
response: The http response.
The extra data will be appended to the relative records in the simulation.log file and reports generation will ignore them. It’s up to the user to build his own analysis system for them.

For example, it you’d like the dump the response body’s length to simulation.log, you would do:

val httpProtocol = http.extraInfoExtractor(extraInfo => List(extraInfo.response.bodyLength))
Gatling provides a built-in ExtraInfoExtractor, dumpSessionOnFailure, which dumps the user’s session to simulation.log if the request failed.